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General Public Stormwater Educators
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The Clean Water Minnesota Media Campaign reminds Minnesotans that clean water is essential for life; we must work together to protect this vital resource so we have an abundant supply of clean water in the future.

We place ads on radio and TV, and provide students, teachers and municipalities with educational resources that teach people to protect water in Minnesota by controlling run-off pollution.

Read our 2013 annual report and download a 2014 invoice to become a member.

Learn more about Clean Water Minnesota Media Campaign.

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Clean streets for clean water

Rain carries leaves, grass clippings and pet waste into lakes and rivers, turning them green with algae. If it's on the streets, it's in your water. More info about yard waste.

Resources: Check out our Image Gallery

The CWMN Campaign?a href="">Image Gallery is up and running! Browse for free, downloadable photos of stormwater-related images.

If you have photos you'd like to share, the gallery?a href="">image upload tool lets you upload photos complete with credits, tags, and descriptions for others to use.

Image Gallery photos appear in multiple sizes for users to download for their own education and outreach materials.

Resources: Document Upload Tool

Cleanwatermn.org's new document upload tool is has arrived. With this new tool, anyone can upload stormwater education materials to this website for educators, residents, teachers and others to use at any time. This resource will allow all of Minnesota's stormwater education community to share resources in a way never before possible. Visit our MS4 Toolkit Page to give it a try.

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